What if the Avengers never formed?

In a world where Thor was never exiled, where Loki never chased him to Earth, the fateful events that set in motion the formation of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes never came to be.

Steve Rogers is still just a legend, increasingly forgotten in the mists of time.

Without his guidance, Wanda and Pietro Maximov never reformed, and have spiraled out of control into untrammeled malevolence.

And many of Earth’s greatest threats were repelled at a far greater cost. Some heroes have enjoyed brighter and more illustrious careers out of the Avengers’ shadow, but most have had a harder time alone, some tragically so.

With the Fantastic Four disbanded by circumstance, with the X-Men turning inward to protect their own, with SHIELD increasingly overwhelmed by the emboldened and increasingly-organized forces of global terror and organized super-crime, Nick Fury has had enough. He’s set in motion a plan to gather a team of heroes to answer the challenge posed by freedom’s enemies, and it starts today.

Avengers? It’s time to assemble.

(If you want to know who some of these people are, check out our wiki.)

Assembly Required

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