Assembly Required

Assembly Required #1

Fabulous ORIGIN Issue!

Iron Man and Pepper Potts are working in Stark Tower, going about their business on a typical day: Pepper is making sure business runs smoothly, and Tony is engaged in his typical deep research.

Beast has just completed a mission with the X-Men, who are currently investigating what seems to be a disturbing wave of serial killings of mutants (he handily defeated Toad) before he arrives just in time to start teaching a basic biology class at the Xavier School. Professor X has been missing for some six months or so, having left for Shi’Ar space to accompany their Ambassador Princess Lilandra to their homeworld.

Hawkeye is training on the Helicarrier, where he spends most of his time when not actually on a mission for SHIELD. He’s in the gym, running forms and doing drawstring reps.

Invisible Woman is in the Baxter Building, checking Reed’s instruments for any sign of his return, dealing with Fantastic Foundation matters, and answering fan mail and media requests.

Namor the Sub-Mariner is at his office early and ready to work. He has a great view of the city, the Baxter Building and Stark Tower visible from the capacious full-floor penthouse office of Circe Enterprises.

This is where the day goes off-track:

The Invisible Woman notices an alarm going off in the Baxter Building, indicating that an intruder has breached security and is making their way towards Reed’s experimental weapons lab.

Turning invisible, she rounds a corner to see [[M.O.D.O.K.]] hovering in the air, and halts him with an invisible force field. Sensing her with his mental powers, he attempts to overpower her with his Mental Blast, but she forcibly resists with a mental force construct, turning his attack back on him and forcing him to shut down. She runs to the weapons lab where she encounters Namor, who has dealt with the AIM agents who were working their way through the vault security.

Namor happened to have a bird’s eye view to all the terrible things that happened that day: he noticed the AIM craft landing at the Baxter Building, saw the explosion of the tramway at Stark Tower, and saw that there was a problem with the SHIELD Helicarrier, but devoted his attention to helping Susan. He arrived at the Baxter Building to confront an AIM Heavy Weapons team that he easily dispatched before going inside to deal with the Infiltration Team, attempting to crack Reed’s vaults, whom he also easily dispatched.

Above, in the SHIELD Helicarrier, Hawkeye’s practice was interrupted by an explosion that threw the Helicarrier off-balance. He mad ehis way to the bridge to see a small army of crimson-clad ninja, the death cult known as The Hand, attacking in force. Maria Hill sent him towards one of the reactors to try and secure it. After fighting his way past some of the Hand, he arrived to find the X-Man Wolverine hacking down SHIELD Agents on his way to the reactor. After a quick but brutal fight, he managed to incapacitate Wolverine as the Beast arrived on the scene from below. After some uneasy dialogue, they struck up a truce and Hawkeye led Beats to the reactor room, where he managed to keep the Carrier form crashing too badly , but could not restore power in time to keep it aloft.

The Beast had arrived on the Helicarrier when he noticed it suddenly appear over the Xavier Academy trailing smoke and losing altitude. With the help of a student who blasted him into the sky, he managed to land on the deck and work his way inside. Confronting both Logan and Hawkeye, he fought the former to a standstill and convinced the latter to let him try to repair the Helicarrier’s failing fusion engine, with the results above.

At Stark Tower, Tony’s morning meetings are interrupted by the explosion of his monorail and an incoming submersive vehicle. He suits up and launches himself out of the building and towards the sub, only to be confronted by the Titanium Man, who was attempting to bring down the Tower. A pitched battle ensues, and Tony manages to cripple the mercenary’s armor badly enough that he’s forced to fell, sinking a passenger ferry to cover his escape.

Next issue: who is behind these attacks? Are they related? How? What about Wolverine?


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