Henry "Hank" McCoy


Marvel canon.


  • Henry McCoy — known as Hank to nearly everyone — is born to Norton McCoy, a real estate tycoon, and his wife. Unbeknownst to all, Hank is born with a unique genetic mutation.
  • Strange, but quite intelligent, Hank is more comfortable reading about astronomy or philosophy than playing with friends, as he is clumsy when he plays sports and games. His mutant genetic profile blesses him with extreme intelligence, strength, and reflexes, his motor control is unable to keep up with his physical growth, thus exhibiting signs of extreme awkwardness in youth.
  • A young girl (character TBD, could be an eventual plot element) befriends Hank, showing him kindness, thereby preventing Hank from being totally alienated from other children. They establish a life-long friendship.

Adolescence to Adulthood

  • Hank finishes High School and proceeds to a major University at age 15.
  • Soon thereafter, in University, his body completes its growth spurt, but with a disturbing caveat. His physique is strong and agile, but he exhibits extreme body hair growth. Hank must adhere to a daily regimen of body grooming to fit in at the University and society at large.
  • By age 21, he pursues multiple advanced degrees including Advanced Physics, Engineering, and Philosophy. Further, his research has been published in numerous scientific journals regarding his research into dark energy and deep space telescope design.
  • Soon thereafter, he proposes and designs a deep-space telescope, which wins funding and is to be built near Santiago, Chile.

Scientific Advances

  • Working from the new installation in Chile, he discovers a transmission from outer space, and decodes the information as a string of DNA.
  • After acquiring government funding and returning home, Hank discovers that the DNA sequence differs from a portion of a typical human chromosome by just 0.02% of the GATC-pairs.
  • Foolishly, Hank secretly proceeds to engineer a safe procedure to inject the DNA into a subject.
  • Once his procedure is discovered by project overseers, the whole project is threatened with shut down as they determine how to proceed.
  • With his entire discovery on the line, and all animal subjects removed from the premises, Hank only sees one way to see his project to the end…

and the Beast is Born!

  • Over several days, Hank goes through various transformations as the DNA is assimilated in replicated through his body.
  • The project committee orders all of the DNA delivery injections destroyed, and the research on the DNA strand is put on hold indefinitely.

X-Rhapsody in Blue

  • Aware of a latent ability gone wild, Charles Xavier approaches Hank. With his research grants destroyed, Hank is recruited into a special center for-mutants-by-mutants as the head of research and as a science instructor.
  • Hank also uses his newfound powers to aid a group known as the X-Men. Awesomeness ensues.


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