Marvel canon.

Advanced Idea Mechanics is a super-science terror organization spun off from Hydra over philosophical and methodological differences. They are mostly known for providing high-tech armaments to super-criminals and rogue states.

They are currently led by MODOK, who directs their research and field operations to his own ends.

They were involved in the coordinated attack on several targets along with Hydra and The Hand that resulted in the formation of the Avengers.

They implemented a failed attempt to steal weapons technology from the Baxter Building (Assembly Required #1), led by MODOK in a Mobile unit that was disabled by Invisible Woman. The AIM Mission Team was thrashed and captured by Namor the Sub-Mariner, though their craft, a Stealth Saucer, was able to get away before they were detected and stopped. (Assembly Required #1)

They also appear to have been responsible for the raid on Pym Innovations that resulted in the kidnapping of Hank Pym and theft of a significant amount of his research data and materials. (Assembly Required #2)


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